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As compared to GS I, the CSAT syllabus is defined and can be easily prepared through practice. If a candidate devotes one to two hours daily for the preparation, he/she can easily qualify this paper. However, a planned strategy should be followed in pursuing each area covered in the paper.

As mentioned above, one of the best ways to prepare for CSAT is through previous years’ question papers. Once thorough with the paper pattern, aspirants should prepare each section separately.

Mental ability:The questions covered under this section majorly includes topics like time and distance, time and work, percentage, permutations, and combinations among others

Logical reasoning: It is often said that reasoning can be one of your strengths in the CSAT paper or may consume the most time to solve questions. Either way, only prior practice will help you save time in solving questions on exam day. Aspirants should solve mock tests and questions on various topics keeping the time frame in mind. It is advisable to keep a tab on how much time you take in solving these questions and improve it through practice

Reading comprehension: Even though the comprehension asked in the CSAT paper is of moderate level, aspirants end up losing precious marks in the comprehension section by spending excessive time in solving a passage. The most effective way of preparing this area is by including reading in your daily routine. Read articles, columns, magazines like Kurukshetra, Yojana to improve your language skills and reading speed.

While solving a comprehension, mark important keywords while reading the passage. To identify the keywords, it is suggested to read the questions first. So, when you go back to reading the comprehension keep marking those keywords you identified in the questions.

One understated fact about the CSAT paper is the importance of time management while solving questions in the exam. A candidate should not spend more than two to three minutes if stuck on a certain question. It is better to jump to the next question than spend extra time on one question. Time management can be learned by solving the mock tests before the exam.

Another important aspect is identifying your strengths and weaknesses related to a subject. While solving mock papers, identify which type of questions you are repeatedly attempting wrong and correctly, Analyze your performance in the mock papers. According to that, solve your strength topic first in the exam hall. If you are good at comprehension, solve those questions first and keep the time-consuming questions for the end

Considering the unpredictable nature of the UPSC civil service exam, candidates should not overlook the CSAT paper and prepare for it well in advance. A diligent preparation of three to four months will be sufficient to get through the paper.

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