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It is imperative to devise a rock-solid UPSC Mains Strategy that will boost your score and enhance your chances of getting a good rank. The first step towards it is to find a suitable approach on how to prepare for UPSC Mains. While the experienced aspirants have a bit of idea of what should be done after prelims, the beginners or fresh aspirants are completely in dilemma.

Hence, they look for a trusted source to find answers to their questions regarding UPSC Mains Strategy for beginners or how to prepare for UPSC Mains. Here, Coach Up IAS will provide you UPSC Mains Strategy that will surely help you in landing the Interview Round smoothly.

The UPSC Mains Exam has 9 papers and they are as given below:

Sl. No. Papers Topics Total Marks
1 Paper A Indian Language 300
2 Paper B English 300
3 Paper I Essay 250
4 Paper II GS I 250
5 Paper III GS II 250
6 GS III Essay 250
7 Paper V GS IV 250
3 Paper VI Optional Subject Paper-I 250
3 Paper VII Optional Subject Paper-II 250
Total Marks for Written Examination 1750

The most important step is that an aspirant must imprint and learn the entire syllabus of all three phases of the exam, in his mind. This small but significant work would go a long way in keeping your preparation focused and relevant.

After prelims, a candidate gets hardly 3 months for the preparation of mains. The schedule is further tightened by the requirement of answer writing and essay writing practice. Thus, it will be an intelligent move to prepare for the mains part first.

The most vital element of the mains syllabus is the optional subject. The choice of optional subject should be as per your own level of comfort with and degree of interest in the subjec.

This decision must not be misguided by any sort of false speculations of 'which is the most scoring optional'. It's not the optional subject per se, it's your preparation and presentation (answer writing) that makes it scoring.

We have designed a scientific method to select your optional subject.

Interest (Read the Syllabus and Prev. Year Papers)
Average selection & Avg. marks
Coverage in GS + Essay & Interview
Time Management

After having wisely chosen the optional subject, the candidate must start the preparation right from the beginning.

Allocate the months and schedule your days and weeks well in advance, ensuring that by November - December, you finish the syllabus for the four General Studies papers and Optional subject. It is indeed possible to complete the Mains preparation only if you plan your time with perfection.

One important, in fact, decisive, part of the preparation is to religiously and consistently follow the newspaper daily. The candidate should always be updated with all the important national and international events.

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