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About Coach UP IAS

“The Desire to win; the will to succeed & the urge to reach your full potential are the keys that will surely unlock the doors of excellence”

Coach Up IAS is the Magnum Opus of Ashutosh Srivastava Sir who is a renowned member of the Education Fraternity, having an immense teaching experience. He has taught and mentored various successful UPSC and State PCS aspirants. He himself has appeared in UPSC CSE Interview thrice in a row.

Our Vision

Coach UP IAS aims to emerge as a national leader in mentorship Domain for Civil Services examination. We relentlessly thrive to train our students in the best possible way in order to assist them in cracking the prestigious & glorious Civil Services Exam. Our dedicated team is Constantly engaged in decoding the dynamic nature of the Civil Services Exam, ensuring that our students get in-depth and updated content.

Team Coach UP is fuelled by passion, dedication, persistence and indomitable spirit. We relentlessly thrive to help our students excel in their exams and in life by learning invaluable lessons through their journey with us.

Our Mission

We at Coach Up IAS firmly believe in the adage- “Don’t just set Goals; Score them!”. Our mission is to enforce“Student-Centric” quality education. For this purpose, we have designed a Novel Approach of assigning “A Mentor for Every Aspirant (SAARTHI-THE COACH)”, whose primary task shall be to demystify all the doubts, dilemmas & issues of the student who is under the Mentor’s personalized guidance.

Our Distinguishing Features

Team Coach UP is with you in this Journey of Career Building. We look forward to see you in our Classroom-cum-Room of Career Nurturing.

A special Note for the Aspirants of Civil Services Exam

“Life’s Battle don’t always go to the strongest and fastest man, But sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can!”

Always approach this exam with immense enthusiasm & optimist mind-set. Be persistent in your preparation and always believe that “YOU CAN & YOU WILL”.

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